I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone. It has been a blast watching the excitement of Alayna since she was fully aware of what was going on. She asked for a tree in her room this year, so we decorated the most girly tree which was a lot of fun. We also found a fun advent calendar that teaches the true Christmas story and had been doing our elf. Every morning, Alayna woke up and immediately searched for Nora (our elf). Then she would try to drag us out of bed to see what the elf did… mind you, she is up at 6:30 every morning! Jaxon just laughed every time he saw her. One morning he decided it would be fun to drag poor Nora by her legs down the hall. Needless to say, Alayna was very upset so we had to write a letter to Santa explaining that Jax is still a baby and doesn’t really understand that we can’t touch her. She also asked that Santa bring her “two big things” a trampoline and a car.

We did decided to get them a trampoline for Christmas. It was something we had already decided on before she started asking for it so I knew they would love it… well Alayna would love it and Jaxon would be terrified!!

We spent Christmas morning opening presents at our house where my mom and Gpa joined us, then spent the afternoon at my moms, playing pie face and Uno moo, then we headed to Geoffs family’s for dinner.

The next day, we decided to head up to the snow for a couple hours. The kids absolutely LOVED it!! We had a sled that we all took turns taking the kids on. The weather was beautiful and the snow was so fluffy and powdery! It was a great time!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have an amazing new year!! I am truly blessed to have this amazing family!



Christmas was an absolute blast with the kids! We left store bought cookies out for Santa and the elf (Nora), then After we put her to bed, Geoff and I spent hours trying to finish wrapping and setting up things up for the morning. 

For the first time since she was born born (it feels that way) we were awake and ready BEFORE her. This was awesome because we were able to see her face when she saw what Santa had brought. It was seriously priceless! She RAN downstairs and immediately got on her new bike. She kept telling us that the bike is so pretty!  Jaxon had fun ripping paper with the help of his sister who insisted “he can’t do it bc he is too little.”

We had a great Christmas spent with family and ended it playing monopoly with my siblings!  


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

Yay for December!! The most exciting, chaotic, fun, stressful, and joyous time of the year! Especially when you still have so much shopping to do! Not only is it jaxons first Christmas, but I am so looking forward to this Christmas since Alayna understands what’s going on! We started our elf on the shelf (Nora) this year and we are all enjoying it. Alayna cracks up every morning when she sees what silly thing Nora has done and then tells her what she wants from Santa. Every. Single. Morning.

Seeing the world through her eyes makes this time of year incredibly special! We are watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas stories, and dancing to fun Christmas music! My favorite thing is the fact that she is starting to understand that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday (maybe we will have to sing happy birthday to him on Christmas morning). It is so important to me that she understands the true meaning of Christmas. I’m putting together my Christmas list for the kiddos and will post it soon!


Our Christmas and New Years

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years. We had so much fun watching Alayna open gifts and her actually get excited for them this time. It took a while to get through them bc we had to stop and open each one. Lol. One of her biggest gifts was a playroom. We have a huge awkward space that we used for storage and decided to convert it into a play area for her. I love that all the toys are neatly organized and out of the living room… Although I know it won’t stay that way for too much longer, unless I obsess over it every evening after she goes to bed (anyone who knows me, knows that this will probably happen lol).
P.S. Don’t mind Alayna’s mismatched PJ’s. I failed at putting on one of her million Christmas pajamas that she has and somehow managed to put together several different pieces 😉






We didnt do much for New Year’s Eve. Just stayed home and had dinner with some friends and joked about how old we are getting bc we can’t even stay up till midnight anymore. We were all in bed by 1030!!! Lol. The next day we headed to Santa Barbara and spent some quality time with our god kids. The kids all played so well together which makes my heart so happy! I love watching Alayna interact with other kids. She is seriously growing up too too fast.




Although I love the holidays, I’m glad they are over and we can get back to some sort of normal….at least for a few months until baby gets here! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. Now to relax while Alayna stays the night at grandmas… How do u do that?

The Christmas spirit

I’m absolutely loving the Christmas season! It’s so much more fun with a little one around and its so fun to see the magic through her eyes! My sister in law and grandma took her to see Santa last weekend. I expected her to scream her head off, but instead she just stared into the camera with her finger in her mouth lol. So cute tho 🙂 I can’t wait to take her to look at Christmas lights. She is absolutely loving all the lights and decorations.


As for me, I’m just beginning my third trimester (as far as one of my apps say). I am experiencing the lovely heartburn and swelling of my feet and know that it’s just going to get worse! But on the flip side, I’m feeling him more and more which is my absolute favorite part!!

How far along? 26 weeks

Weight gain? 11-12 lbs

Belly button in or out? In for now 🙂

Maternity clothes? Maternity shirts yes. I’m a little desperate for the rest of the clothes which I will be getting over New Years from my perfect friend 🙂

Movement? More and more everyday

Gender? BOY!

Sleep? Pretty good

Best moment this week? Starting the 3rd trimester. Yikes! It’s getting closer!

Things I miss? I think we all know…beer!

Looking forward to? Two weeks off for the holidays.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well things are finally going up and looking like Christmas time in our home. It’s been a busy month. I love decorating but hadn’t had the time with school finishing up and everything that went along with that. I was so excited to get a huge tree this year since we have the room for it in our new house. I guess I didn’t realize how much more work it would be to put lights on it!! Still worth it though 🙂  One of my other favorite things about Christmas time is opening up all of my ornaments that I get us each year. This year I loved looking at the family of 3 ornaments and picking out a girlie one for Alayna.

I almost have my Christmas shopping done but haven’t wrapped a single thing! I guess we all know what Ill be doing this weekend. I cant wait to watch Alayna rip everything open. I could wrap empty boxes and she’d be happy. We took her to see Santa last week and after standing in line for a million an hour and half, she did awesome! She wasnt afraid at all… just very curious. At one point, she wrapped her arm over his belly and looked up at him, almost like she was hugging him! We joke that she was too delusional to be scared, since she was over tired and had a long day.

Such a fun time of year with a little one around, cant wait for many more! Please excuse my pictures. Most of them had pretty bad lighting when I took them.










Alayna’s Christmas List

christmas list

1. Sit to race smart wheels – I wanted to get something that she will be able to use later on. Since she isn’t walking yet, this is perfect. It starts as a rocker, then you ride it, then you can push it. So colorful too which I love.

2. OshKosh Pre-Walkers Sparkle Mary Janes – I just found these the other day and hope to get a pair soon. I’m so bad about putting shoes on Alayna (I really need to start or that kid will hate shoes)… These will pretty much match anything.

3. Fisher Price Little People Farm Play Set – I know Alayna is probably too small for this now, but it was a great deal so we had to get it! I’m sure she’ll be playing with it in no time.

4. Carter’s Cheetah Fur Booties – How cute are these?!

5. Children’s Movies – This is the perfect time to add to Alayna’s movie collection 🙂

6. Baby Einstein Activity Table – The learning/activity tables are awesome. Soon, Alayna will be able to pull herself up and this will be perfect for her.

7. Two-Piece Top and Legging Set and Pjs– Alayna is in desperate need of clothes/pjs. I figured it was the perfect time to shop for clothes. Carter’s had 50% off their entire store. YES!

Oh What Fun!

The Christmas season is in full swing! We have already done some shopping and next weekend we will go get our tree, one of my favorite things to do. I really wanted to do it today but ran out of time. Alayna’s closet is slowly acquiring different Christmas outfits since I seriously can’t contain myself whenever I’m out and about. Seriously though, a stop for milk turns into me wondering around in the baby section looking for something festive. Poor Geoffrey, he’s going to stop allowing me to leave the house at all pretty soon. I’m putting together a Christmas list to share, but until that’s finished, here is a little list for the holidays!

christmas must haves