1 & 2 Month Favorites

Month 1&2 favoritesI  decided to do monthly favorites for each month (or a combination of months). Since I’m 5 months late, Ill combine the first few into 1 & 2 months  and then a 3 & 4 month favorites. I always love hearing other people’s opinions on what “got them through” certain months, so i figured it would be fun to create my own.

Safety 1st Car Seat – This car seat is great. We made a list of car seats we liked and went to a Babiesrus to buy it rather than buy it online. After looking at a few that were on our list, we loved this one. It felt much nicer than alot of the others and came in all black, which is what I wanted. It was on the lighter side of car seats and had great safety ratings.

Swing – For the first couple of months, we used the swing MANY times. We would put her in it knowing she was still being soothed. Now that she’s older, she LOVES the lights!

Boppy – This pillow is amazing. I used it from day one in the hospital. I sometimes even wished we had two… that’s how much I loved it. Its not only helpful for breastfeeding, but you can use it for tummy time sometimes. Alayna liked doing some of her tummy time on this because she could still see around her. And when they start sitting up, it’s a great support!

Graco Baby Monitors – We decided to get two monitors because we have a two story house. We wanted to have one for upstairs and one for downstairs and it has worked out pretty well. I like knowing that I can hear her no matter where I am.

Waterproof Changing Pad Liners – These are great for using on the changing pad and even in the crib! It saves you from having to wash the changing pad cover and the sheets a million times, especially with the amount of spit up that happens when they are this young.

Bouncer – Sometimes the swing just doesnt seem practical when you want to have the baby in the same room as you but you dont want to drag the swing all over the place. The bouncer is so easy to move around. I used this alot when I needed to shower and she was wide awake. I’d bring her into the bathroom with me! Now I use it for feedings since she’s still a little too small for a highchair.

A few other things that are not on the list have to do with breastfeeding. If you plan to breastfeed, have some lanolin available for your nipples. My favorite was the Lansinoh brand. I used it for the first week or two and it helped alot. I also recommend a breastpump. Although I hate pumping, it’s nice to have one just in case you need it. I love love love mine and I bought it used!  The one I used was the Medela Pump in Style. I’ve heard that some health insurances will pay for you to buy a brand new pump.. But I had already found mine for $40. It’s definitely worth looking into.