Disney Land

We took a 2-day trip to Disney Land with my family and it was such a blast! On the first day we started at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where Alayna put on her Cinderella dress and was made into a beautiful princess (a birthday gift from her auntie). She absolutely LOVED it. In fact, the next day she was upset that she “wasn’t a princess anymore.”

We spent the day hanging around mostly kid rides and saw Beauty and Beast walk by but not too many other characters which was a bummer. We had a picnic lunch with everyone and then watched Mickey’s Soundsational Parade which was my favorite part of the entire trip! We ate dinner outside at one of restaurants on Main Street and went back to Fantasyland where we dragged sleeping babies on as many rides as we could until they stopped waking up for the actual ride 😂. We decided to let the kids sleep in the stroller and watch the Electrical parade. Alayna woke up for that and got every single princess to wave at her! She was so giddy and excited which was so fun to watch. 

The next day we decided to head to California Adventure because we’ve never been there and we were hoping it was less crowded. We had a blast there and the kids got to see a lot more characters and ride a lot more rides! We stayed until the kids couldn’t hang anymore and then drove home that night. 

The kids loved everything about Disney Land; the rides, the food, being free, the bubbles, the magic, and especially the merry-go-round which they had to ride five thousand times. I loved watching the excitement on their faces! 

Of course the day before the trip Jaxon fell off a chair and bit his lip open. So it’s swollen for all of the pictures 🙈

Sorry for the picture overload! I loved all of them!

Day 1 at Disney Land 

Day 2 at California Adventure 



Alayna’s First Jeep Trip!

We finally decided that Alayna was ready for her first Jeep trip! We go on several different trips a year and this one was to Calico! We bought her a new car seat so that we could turn her forward facing for the trail and Geoff had the top off. She really enjoyed being able to see EVERYTHING! She squealed and kicked her feet one minute, then passed out the next. Seriously, I dont know how she slept through some of the things we went through, but it worked for me! I brought her Pack n Play which BARELY fit in the camper for naps, and then she slept with me at night… Thanks to that, she was spoiled and DID NOT like being put in her crib when we got home.  This baby loves being outside, so I knew she would love camping. The weather was perfect and we seriously had a blast hanging out with good friends!

Since mommy forgot her hat in the camper (FAIL), I had to make sure her little head wouldn’t get burnt. So I loaded her with sunscreen. Poor hair… good thing I had a brush, except it looked like she was sweating when I brushed it down.









Traveling favorites


1. SkipHop’s Studio Diaper bag– This is seriously such a great bag! It’s stylish and very roomy. I felt that it was also perfect for traveling, because I was able to stuff all of Alayna’s necessities in it as well as have room for my own stuff. There are so many pockets which is great for separating and organizing everything. I also love that its black because it hides alot 🙂

2. Pack and Play– Although we didnt have one to take with us, I highly recommend it! Even if its just a day trip these are perfect for naps! 

3. Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes- Such a great product! There were so many times that I needed to wipe Alayna’s face or neck from her spitting up everywhere. These smell good and seem to work pretty well. I’ve even used them on myself!

4. Pacifier Clip- I usually dont use these, but when your walking around a dirty airport, its a must! Definitely need this whenever you go somewhere so your not stuck tossing the pacifier every time it falls and there’s no way to clean it! 

5. Baby Carrier- I used the Jeep baby carrier and LOVED it. Alayna was comfortable and would sleep while we walked all over the airport (we may have gotten lost one or twice 🙂 ) It allowed me to have my hands free to help carry bags and stuff.

6. Neck Pillow – I’ve had this for a while and LOVE it… but this time we used it for Alayna. On the way there, we didnt have a pillow so I used this as a small boppy for her and it helped support my arm while holding her. 

Even though Alayna did really well, Id say that traveling with a baby can be so hard. Im so thankful Geoff went and was able to help. Hope this gives some of you some helpful ideas when you are traveling with your little ones! 

Happy Hump Day!!

Our Trip to New Jersey!

We had such a blast in Jersey with my brother. I was super nervous to travel with an infant, but thankfully, she only screamed her head off at the airports! The funniest one was when our flight was delayed three hours, and since it was in the middle of the night, we were the only gate with people in it waiting. Alayna decided to scream her head off at that point. Everyone was looking at us and probably praying they arent the ones who have to sit next to that crying baby on the plane. Luckily for us (and them), she calmed down and seriously slept the WHOLE WAY both there and back!

photo (13)

our trip

photo (27)

photo (33)

photo (31)

photo (30)

photo (29)

photo (25)

photo (22)

photo (20)

photo (28)

at rezeqs