Jaxon’s 2! 

In march Jaxon turned 2! Can you believe it? We had a Mickey Mouse birthday for him and he had a blast running around, taste testing his cupcakes while no one was looking, and being the typical jokester that he is. We love this little man more than anything and cannot wait for many more birthdays. 

The older he gets, the more fun we have with him! I can’t believe it’s been two years already! Here are a few things about Jaxon at this age. 

  • He is still the jokester in the family – Constantly trying to make us laugh
  • He was born with a very high pitch scream that he STILL uses!! 
  • He’s a total Mommy’s boy. 
  • He LOVE’S his sister so much – every morning, the first words out of his mouth are “where’s sissy?”
  • His favorite thing to watch is “ahh-ahh” aka monkey, aka Curious George. 
  • He still loves to suck his two middle fingers 
  • He doesn’t really like milk which is the total opposite of his sister.
  • He loves baby dolls more than anything!
  • He really is the clumsiest kid! 


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