Alayna’s 4! 

We celebrated Alayna Grace this weekend as she turned 4! My baby is no longer a baby! 😢 As I watched her this weekend, I realized how much has changed the last 4 years and how much change she has brought to us! She made us parents, made my sisters and sisters-in-law aunties, my brothers uncles, my mom and mother-in-law grandmas, Geoffs uncle into a guncle (great-uncle), and Geoffs grandparents into great grandparents! She has taught us so much over the years and has brought such fun and laughter into our lives, we can’t even imagine what life was like before kids! 

She wanted a mermaid/Ariel party with games. It was so fun decorating! She had a bubble machine, water guns, water balloons and games! The weather was perfect and all the kids had a BLAST squirting everyone – including those of us with no squirt guns. 

She also found out we were going to Disney Land in May which I am so excited for!!! 

People always say the years fly by and I never understood until now. We love the caring, funky, sweet, independent little person you are becoming. I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow! Here are a few things about Alayna at this age:

  • She has finally learned to swing all by herself! 
  • She still loves to dance 🎶 
  • She loves her brother more than anything and is very motherly to him – most of the time!! 
  • Being outside is one of her favorite things 
  • She LOVES Baby dolls and stuffed animals and insists on sleeping with a million stuffed animals every night 
  • She still wakes up at 6:30 AM no matter what! 
  • She loves all Disney princesses 
  • She is very particular about what she will wear! Most of the time, she only wants to wear a dress – it’s a fight in the morning if it’s cold.
  • She just couldn’t wait to be measured on “the stick” 


Happy Easter 

Easter is truly one of my favorite holidays. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have a savior who died for my sins – and trust me,  there are many! After church, we spent the day doing egg hunts, riding in the sand rail with our cousin, and hanging out with family! The kids are at such a fun age right now! Overall it was a great day! 

Jaxon’s 2! 

In march Jaxon turned 2! Can you believe it? We had a Mickey Mouse birthday for him and he had a blast running around, taste testing his cupcakes while no one was looking, and being the typical jokester that he is. We love this little man more than anything and cannot wait for many more birthdays. 

The older he gets, the more fun we have with him! I can’t believe it’s been two years already! Here are a few things about Jaxon at this age. 

  • He is still the jokester in the family – Constantly trying to make us laugh
  • He was born with a very high pitch scream that he STILL uses!! 
  • He’s a total Mommy’s boy. 
  • He LOVE’S his sister so much – every morning, the first words out of his mouth are “where’s sissy?”
  • His favorite thing to watch is “ahh-ahh” aka monkey, aka Curious George. 
  • He still loves to suck his two middle fingers 
  • He doesn’t really like milk which is the total opposite of his sister.
  • He loves baby dolls more than anything!
  • He really is the clumsiest kid!