New Year

Im not usually one to make a list of New Year Resolutions, because I never follow through, but I decided to make a list of things I’d like to be better at or do more of this year. Overall, 2016 was a good year. We sold our house, welcomed a nephew, bought a new car, graduated with my Masters, and many other memories. I can’t believe this year my babies will be 2 and 4! Life just seems to be flying by so I really want to focus on slowing down and enjoying every. single. moment. Including-

  • Enjoying the craziness of toddlers in the house – like finding toys in my hamper while doing laundry, or a random toy floating in the toilet, or dried cookies shoved into random spots throughout the house. I have been trying not to get annoyed, but instead, smile because I realize that someday, I’ll miss those things.
  • Trying not to sweat the small stuff -It is so easy to get irritated and annoyed over the smallest things bc some days, I’m just plain tired! I want to start taking a breath, and picking my battles a little more. My husbands grandpa always says “there are two kinds of problems in the world. It’s either a minor inconvenience or it’s earth shattering.” The things that I lose my shit over are definitely not earth shattering. So I need to chill!
  • Going outside more – We love being outdoors. But sometimes we get so caught up with dinner, baths, and cleaning up that we don’t spend enough time outside.
  • Digging deeper into the Bible – I’ve enjoyed my bible study groups so much! I look forward to learning so much more.
  • Spending less time consumed with electronics – I am really trying to stay conscious of how much time we are spending watching TV and/or being on our phones. I’ve been encouraging the kids to just go play while we either leave the TV off or have music playing on it.

I just want a relaxed fun year that includes spur of the moment trips, camping, random BBQs, building forts, saying yes more often, lots of laughs and building a ton of memories with the kids! I am so blessed and just need to stop and soak it all in!


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