Family Update

I needed to look something up about the kids the other day, and I had to come to my blog to find it. It made me realize how much I used my blog to keep track of all the milestones each kid was hitting. I went over many of my posts and realized how much I miss it! Its been seven months since Ive updated. A lot has gone on during those seven months so here is a quick update and I hope to be back for good!


I. FINISHED. SCHOOL! From about the time I stopped updating on here, until about two months ago, I was studying my brains out for my big comprehensive exam to (finally) finish school! Every evening when Geoff came home from work, I would leave and go study at the local community college for about 3 hours. I would grab a snack and run out the door. Most of the time I felt guilty, but it was the only way I could get some good studying in. Afterwards, I’d come home and have dinner and go to bed. It was definitely hard, not only for me, but for Geoff as well. We were both exhausted every night. He would come home, cook dinner, get the kids fed, bathed, and in bed, before even taking his shoes off! I took my test at the end of October and just found out the week after Thanksgiving that I passed! Woohoo! So glad to be done with that!


Alayna is growing up so much. Most days I look at her and wonder where my tiny 5 lb baby girl has gone. She is smart, kind, chatty, loves to dance, and has the best memory! She remembers the smallest details of things we did a year ago. It amazes me! She is doing really well in preschool and loves to learn. I always hear her singing either to herself or to Jaxon. She is the best sister to him. She loves to help with everything (except picking up toys – go figure) whether it’s cooking, cleaning, taking Jaxon’s shoes off when we get home, or raking dog poop, she is right there asking to help. This age is both the hardest and funnest age. Just trying to soak it all in.



Jaxon has become quite the toddler. He is such a jokster in our family, always laughing at himself or trying to make one of us laugh. He definitely has a temper and is not afraid to show it! He still has his high pitch scream that he uses any time Alayna annoys him. Usually they play well together, but if something goes wrong, or he doesnt get his way, we will hear about it. He has few words – so hard for me as a speech therapist! But it has given me a different perspective from a parent side of things. He loves baby dolls, eating, trucks, anything small to carry around, and playing outside. When he snacks, he always has to have something in each hand. So weird and funny.



In other news, we have sold our house and are currently renting until we find something we love. My sister had my first nephew (Zander) on Mother’s Day. He is the cutest and smiliest baby. He smiles at you when you’re talking to whoever is holding him. It’s the cutest thing!


I cant wait to get back at posting more often. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!



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