Jaxon 12 months! 

Can you believe he is ONE year old!! Where has time gone?! I remember this tiny little 5lb baby and now he’s a little boy! He is such a blessing and completes our little family! 

  • Weighs 21 lbs
  • Wears 12 months 
  • Walking with walking toys – he started crawling on his knees on his first bday and stopped army crawlin… Too funny!  
  • Has 8 teeth – molars are coming in
  • Says mama & dada but no other words yet! 
  • He is the funniest baby! He loves to laugh and joke with everyone. 
  • Loves to wave at ANYONE and is very social. 
  • Has such an attitude sometimes and throws his head down when he doesn’t get his way. 
  • Blows kisses! 😘
  • Loves to eat! 
  • Climbs up the stairs – he thinks it’s a game when we all frantically climb after him so he doesn’t fall. 
  • If anyone tells him “no” he looks at you with a huge smile and does whatever it is anyway. 
  • Claps ANY time he hears someone say “yay” 
  • Dances to any music. 





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