Jaxon 11 months 

Since we are celebrating jaxons first birthday this week, I thought I would post his 11 month post. I wrote this several weeks ago, but never got the picture in his chair 😦 

  • Weighs 20.1 lbs 
  • Wearing mostly 12 months. Some 9 months 
  • He squints his eyes when he doesn’t want to eat something! It’s hilarious. 
  • Pulling himself up on everything 
  • He’s crawling up stairs!! 
  • He claps his hands! Especially if he hears someone say “yay”
  • He loves “row row row the boat” and says “row row row” with you, then pushes his whole body back – glad we are usually prepared for it! 
  • Still pretty picky with different textures, but loves to eat.
  • Got his first haircut!!! I tried to hold off until his first bday but the poor baby couldn’t see. I swear he was instantly older 😢
  • He’s using a straw!




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