Jaxon 9 months 

With the chaotic holidays, I didn’t get a chance to write jaxons 9 months post! So here it is!    

  • Age: 9 months 
  • Wearing 9 months. 
  • Weighs almost 19 lbs! 
  • Still loves to eat, but is getting more picky! 
  • He is a slobbery mess! Some of it is due to him being sick for a month!!!! But continues to be my smiley baby.
  • Waves “goodbye” by rolling his wrist and not lifting his arm. 
  • He is still army crawling – I swear he is just lazy and will probably never fully crawl. 
  • He has 3 teeth (that he sometimes grinds together grrrr)
  • He loves to sleep! Sleeps in until 8:30 most days!!!!!! Woohoo! 
  • He sucks his middle and ring finger all the time! 
  • He is a social butterfly and loves to babble and talk with everyone.
  • He adores his sister even tho she lays her whole body on top of him




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