It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

Yay for December!! The most exciting, chaotic, fun, stressful, and joyous time of the year! Especially when you still have so much shopping to do! Not only is it jaxons first Christmas, but I am so looking forward to this Christmas since Alayna understands what’s going on! We started our elf on the shelf (Nora) this year and we are all enjoying it. Alayna cracks up every morning when she sees what silly thing Nora has done and then tells her what she wants from Santa. Every. Single. Morning.

Seeing the world through her eyes makes this time of year incredibly special! We are watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas stories, and dancing to fun Christmas music! My favorite thing is the fact that she is starting to understand that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday (maybe we will have to sing happy birthday to him on Christmas morning). It is so important to me that she understands the true meaning of Christmas. I’m putting together my Christmas list for the kiddos and will post it soon!