Jaxon 8 months! 

I cannot believe this kid is already 8 months! He is such a blessing to us and we enjoy every moment with him. My favorite part is the fact that he is such a mamas boy!!! 

He would NOT leave that sticker on and insisted on sucking on it for picture… Pick your battles…

  • Age: 8 months! 
  • Wearing: 9 months 
  • Rolling ALL over the place. He sees something and rolls to it. It’s hilarious! 
  • Fatty patty loves to eat! 
  • Grunts at you when you’re not paying enough attention to him. 
  • Sits up (haha finally at 7.5 months!)
  • Sleeps ALL night – unlike his sister did at this age 
  • He has a tooth!! And another coming in. 
  • He babbles all the time.
  • He is mister grabby hands. He will literally grab anything you’re holding if it’s within his reach and he is STRONG!  
  • Gives kisses (only to mommy).





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