I wrote this and totally forgot to post it! This was one the best Halloweens and I’m kind of sad that it’s over!! We started at a festival hosted by one of the churches in town. This was the first year that they had several Disney characters for the kids to meet and take pictures with! Of course, Alayna was blown away and we spent most of our time there taking pictures. Her and her cousin had the funniest cheesy smiles and were so overwhelmed by the chaos that they seriously didn’t know what was going on. All they knew was that each princess gave them candy and they had to smile for us mommies trying to capture each moment! We ate and played a few Games before heading to my mom’s neighborhood to trick-or-treat. I think Alayna’s favorite part was ringing the doorbell! After each house, she would give daddy her bag of candy and make me carry her. Poor girl was probably exhausted but wouldn’t let us stop. We made a few more stops and ended the night at about 10:30! Both babies were so good but beyond tired!  



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