Jaxon 8 months! 

I cannot believe this kid is already 8 months! He is such a blessing to us and we enjoy every moment with him. My favorite part is the fact that he is such a mamas boy!!! 

He would NOT leave that sticker on and insisted on sucking on it for picture… Pick your battles…

  • Age: 8 months! 
  • Wearing: 9 months 
  • Rolling ALL over the place. He sees something and rolls to it. It’s hilarious! 
  • Fatty patty loves to eat! 
  • Grunts at you when you’re not paying enough attention to him. 
  • Sits up (haha finally at 7.5 months!)
  • Sleeps ALL night – unlike his sister did at this age 
  • He has a tooth!! And another coming in. 
  • He babbles all the time.
  • He is mister grabby hands. He will literally grab anything you’re holding if it’s within his reach and he is STRONG!  
  • Gives kisses (only to mommy).






I wrote this and totally forgot to post it! This was one the best Halloweens and I’m kind of sad that it’s over!! We started at a festival hosted by one of the churches in town. This was the first year that they had several Disney characters for the kids to meet and take pictures with! Of course, Alayna was blown away and we spent most of our time there taking pictures. Her and her cousin had the funniest cheesy smiles and were so overwhelmed by the chaos that they seriously didn’t know what was going on. All they knew was that each princess gave them candy and they had to smile for us mommies trying to capture each moment! We ate and played a few Games before heading to my mom’s neighborhood to trick-or-treat. I think Alayna’s favorite part was ringing the doorbell! After each house, she would give daddy her bag of candy and make me carry her. Poor girl was probably exhausted but wouldn’t let us stop. We made a few more stops and ended the night at about 10:30! Both babies were so good but beyond tired!  


Pumpkin Patch & Fair fun! 

I’m absolutely loving this season. There is so much to do and it’s finally cooling off to be able to enjoy ourselves! Alayna is old enough to participate in a lot of these fall activities and we are loving every minute of watching the excitement through her eyes. Last weekend was packed with fun for her. 

Friday night we went to the fair (so much more expensive now that you have a little one who wants to ride ALL the kid rides but needs mom or dad to go with her). When she saw the lights from the car she kept yelling “Alayna so esited!!!” and then giggling. It was so cute! We made the “mistake” of wanting to eat first – she just didn’t understand why we had to stand in line and then sit down and eat instead of wandering around and playing. She was just so esited! She loved the rides and every time one was done, she would ask to go on it again. She even loved one of the kid rollercoasters. Geoff calls her an adrenaline junkie!