Jaxon 6 months! 

Omg! Jaxon is halfway to his first birthday! I look back and think how fast time has gone and it seems like yesterday we were in the hospital welcoming this blessing, yet at the same time, it feels like he’s been a part of our family forever. God really knows what He’s doing. We are beyond blessed!

  • Age 6 months
  • Wearing some 3-6 mo, but mostly 6 & 9 mo.
  • Still sleeping great at night!
  • He absolutely LOVES to sleep on his belly and I’ve figured out that’s how I can get him to take a good nap! Woohoo.
  • Loves his fingers!
  • Always Cooing and squealing – him and Alayna take turns squealing louder and louder and then crack up at each other. It’s the cutest thing!
  • He is super smiley and overall a happy little guy, especially in the morning.
  • Still no teeth, but I anticipate them cutting through soon.
  • He has his daddy’s fuzzy hair!!
  • He has a temper and isn’t afraid to show it.
  • He has started eating veggies and seems to like them!



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