Back at work and other randomness 

I started work on Monday. After 5 months of being off, it was bittersweet going back! I was sad to leave the babies but happy to get back into a routine and be around my speech co-workers. The fact that it’s only part time is a plus. I really do love my job and it helps with my classes with all the experience I’m getting. 

Jaxon is doing great! Still rolling from his back to belly and not the other way around. Totally freaks me out when I wake up to him on his belly with his face smashed into the crib. Talk about a mini heart attack! I know babies have slept like that for years… But it scares me!     

Alayna had orientation for a toddler program last week. She officially starts on Tuesday. She will go 3 days a week which is perfect for our schedule! I think she’s bored at home and needs something to do during the day with other kiddos. She will love it once she gets over the initial shock. It’s exciting for her but sad for me. Where has the time gone. 

I’ll post more about her school experience after a few weeks of her going. I’m anxious to hear all her stories!    

In the meantime, I’m just enjoying all of these new milestones my kids are reaching. Being a mommy is such an amazing experience. I’m so blessed! 


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