Jaxon 4 Months!

 Wow! It feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote about Jaxon being 3 months! They say babies grow fast but until I had my own I never believed it. He is growing so much it’s amazing to watch. And when things get hard, I just think to myself “this is just a phase and will pass too quickly, so stop stressing.” As soon as I get things figured out, he changes again which is kind of a relief knowing that the difficult times will get better (until they become teens).  

  • Age 4 months. Weight 14 lbs 9 oz.
  • Wearing 0-3 and 3 months
  • He loves to blow bubbles and has discovered using his tongue to blow raspberries.
  • He LOVES sucking his fingers and will not really take a paci.
  • He is starting to roll over – mostly back to belly! Needs more tummy time I think 😕
  • He coos a ton!
  • He always smiles at the sight of his sister!
  • He is sleeping through the night!!! Woo-hoo! But not a fan of naps.
  • Just started finding his feet (one of my favorite things).



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