Life with two 

Life with my little munchkins has been pretty fun. Although chaotic at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Jaxon is growing like a weed and Alayna just loves everything about him. Just thought I would share our daily routine. 

6:-6:30 Alayna wakes up at this time EVERY morning no matter what time she goes to bed. She usually visits with daddy while he gets ready for work and I cling onto any extra sleep I can get. He brings her a cup of milk and a snack and she’ll lay in bed and watch Disney Jr.

7:00 Jaxon usually gets up to nurse. By this time Geoff is off to work. The three of us hang out in bed until about 8.

8-9:00 Breakfast and some MUCH NEEDED COFFEE!! 

9-10:00 I lay Jaxon down for his nap. Sometimes it seriously takes an HOUR to get him to sleep… Makes me a little crazy 😁

I usually run errands in the morning. So I’ll try to go in between naps or while he sleeps in the car seat. On Thursdays we go to the library for toddler story time at 11. Alayna looks forward to this as she loves being read to. 

12-1:00 Geoff comes home for lunch. It’s a nice change in pace. We all look forward to lunch time with daddy. 

1:30 Nap time for EVERYONE (including me if I’m super tired). If i stay awake I will use this time for homework, binge watching Netflix, or a quick swim all alone.

5:00-6:00 Dinner and relaxing 

7-8:00 Bed time routine. Usually both kids are in bed by 8. This is the craziest time of the day sometimes. Especially when I have to do it alone bc Geoff is working late. But once they are asleep I try to wind down, relax, and then pick up the house before bed. No matter how hard we try, it’s always 11:00 before we get to bed… No wonder why we are so tired lol. 



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