Jaxon at 3 months 

Can you believe he is 3 months already?! I can’t! It’s bittersweet as he is now out of the sweet newborn stage that I love so much, but sleeping a solid 8 hours at night and showing more and more of his sweet personality makes it totally worth it. The love of a son is totally different and we are so blessed to have him in our family. Some days I think to myself “it feels like he’s been here for years.” 

This is the day he decided not to take a nap – note the sleepy face 


Age 3 months. Wearing 0-3 and 3-6. 

Sleeping 8pm – 4am (sometimes 5am) every night!!!! Woohoo!! 

He is starting to reach for things with his hands. 

He coos really loud when he’s excited and blows lots of bubbles while doing so. 

He loves the water – bath and swimming (he will just lounge in Alayna’s PINK floaty and even fall asleep LOL).

He makes this SUPER high pitch squeal when he’s mad which just makes us laugh. 

He is mesmerized by his crazy big sister – who loves him so much! 


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