Baby #2 must haves 

 Maya wrap – I wanted something that I could EASILY and QUICKLY put Jaxon in. I didn’t want to mess with a lot of fabric and trying to figure out how to use the wraps. I love this bc it’s simple and I can nurse in it. It also has a huge pocket which is totally convenient. I use this all the time so Alayna can sit in the cart while I shop.

4moms Mamaroo – I wanted something different than the traditional swing. I love this bc it has several different movement settings and speeds. Jaxon loves to hang out in this, Alayna loves to turn it in/off and change themovements.

Baby jogger City select – When Alayna was about a year old, we decided to sell our jogging stroller and get the city select because we knew we were going to have another baby soon. When we had Jaxon we just ordered the second seat. I absolutely love this stroller. It has so many different configurations and it isn’t a side by side double stroller which seem huge!

Summer infant dual video monitor – As crazy as it sounds, I still like having a monitor in Alayna’s room. It just gives me comfort at night knowing I can hear her. So we decided on the dual monitor so I can watch/listen to both kids. I can watch both rooms at the same time or have it switch between the rooms every 6 seconds.


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