Alayna and Jaxon

One thing I was most excited about when I was pregnant with Jaxon was seeing how Alayna would react when she met him for the first time. I wasn’t sure if she would cry, laugh, throw a fit, be clingy, or all of the above. She surprised us by being extremely gentle and loving towards him, as if she knew he was super fragile. She could not stop laying her cheek on his and kissing him. She fell in love with him just like the rest of us and constantly wanted to “hold you.” When we got home, she immediately knew he was apart of our family. She woke up asking for him and if she didnt see him, she would go looking for “baby Gachen.” Seeing her interact with him is the biggest blessing and makes my heart feel so full. I am so glad the photographer caught these sweet photos – Thank you Stacey Herrera!IMG_9951IMG_9980IMG_9984IMG_0025IMG_00043442238_orig


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