Baby Jaxon

Jaxon David Constable was born one day before his due date, March 22 2015. He weighed 5lbs 9oz and was 19 inches.

I started having contractions the previous day But they were pretty far apart and inconsistent so I just went on with my day. At about 4 pm they became more consistent but still far apart and only lasting a few seconds. We had plans to go to Geoff grandma’s for dinner and I felt ok to try to at least. I knew I was in labor but didn’t really take it seriously. We made it through dinner but I noticed my contractions were getting stronger, still only lasting about 30 seconds. After dinner I told Geoff we needed to go home so I can shower and try to relax…once we got home, I called my sisters to come stay the night so someone would be here with Alayna when/if we decided to go in. My contractions were pretty painful by then but not lasting more than a minute. I showered and called my mom to go ahead and go in to get checked. Since Alayna went so fast, I was terrified Jaxon would too. We went in at about 10:45 pm. Looking back, I should have known I was pretty far bc I couldn’t even talk through my contractions. I remember stopping in the middle of the parking lot and cussing through one while holding onto Geoffrey, only to find out there was a couple behind me who asked if I needed any help…embarrassing lol. Once we got in the room, I was checked and was dilated to a 6…the first words out of my mouth to the nurse were “can we please get the epidural started, last time I went pretty fast.” She made a comment that I may not be able to but I insisted. Thank God the nurse took me seriously and began the process. She tried to start an IV but had trouble getting a good vain, finally, after 4 attempts and a second nurse they got one. At this point I was begging for them to hurry. I offered to walk down to the lab and let them draw blood since I knew they needed blood work too and nothing seemed to be moving as quickly as I wanted (even though they were moving pretty fast). I was in so much pain as I could feel him grinding down in my pelvis. After a while, the Dr came in to check me, I was at about an 8 with a bulging bag…she offered to break my water or wait for the epidural. I was in so much pain, I wanted the epidural. Thank God for the amazing Dr, she was super calm and accepting. She was fine with me getting the epidural (even though everyone thought it would be quicker to go ahead and break my water). After what seemed like forever, they finally came for my epidural…it took three tries – crap I could’ve been done already. I noticed my Dr was hanging out in the room while I got my epidural and sensed something was going on but when I asked she stayed calm and just said she would give me a few minutes to rest but then he needed to come out. We had known that the cord was wrapped around Jaxon’s neck from previous ultrasounds, but my Dr had told me to just keep track of his kicks and not to worry as it wasn’t entirely uncommon.  Fifteen minutes after my epidural, which only worked on one side mind you, the Dr broke my water…at this point the baby’s heart rate was dropping with each contraction. After 5 minutes of pushing, at 2:19 AM, out came a teeny tiny little boy wrapped in his umbilical cord several times and a little blue. The Dr got him untangled quickly and placed him on my chest….I started crying thanking God he was ok! I don’t think anyone realized he was so tangled. I was able to hold him for a while but then the nurse took him to get him a little more stimulated. I’m so thankful everything turned out ok.

We were able to catch the birth of Jaxon through our amazing photographer – Stacey Herrera! Geoff and I only got a few hours of sleep before the photographer came back to catch Alayna meeting him for the first time the next morning (pictures to come). She was so sweet to him and couldn’t stop loving on him just like the rest of us. Jaxon is such a blessing to our family!! 💜






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