Glucose test!

I am sitting here doing my 3 hour glucose test because I failed my first one. Blah!! Waiting for my second blood draw so I figured I would update everyone. I’m hoping for good news and to be able to carry on with my sugar and carb eating since that’s all I seem to want. I can understand why so many women hate doing this test though… it is so boring and that stuff really makes you sick on an empty stomach! I’ll be sure to update with my results.

In other news, Alayna has been sick this last week. Poor baby has a sinus infection and is miserable especially at night. Im thinking the benedryl is doing the opposite and keeping her up. She is exhausted but won’t sleep. We have had several bad nights. This is the sickest she’s been and it’s so hard not being able to fix it. We are hoping she gets better through the weekend and that her fevers go away.

I’ll be back with my 30 week update and hopefully an ultrasound with baby’s weight 🙂 happy Friday everyone!


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