Baby Shower

We had our Dr. Seuss themed baby shower on Sunday and it turned out amazing!! Lots of people showed up and I enjoyed being able to visit with all of them and celebrate baby Jaxon. I loved the theme so much. Dr. Seuss is so fun and funky it was easy to decorate. I helped with some things and we would seriously say things like “that’s weird and dr. Seussy, it’ll work!” I just want to thank my best friend Heather for hosting and making the day perfect. Im kinda sad it’s over now bc we have all of this Dr. Seuss stuff and no where to put Now I feel like it’s time to nest nest nest and finish up his room. So much to do in just 8 weeks.





















Thank you to everyone who came, participated, or just wished me a happy day! I love all of you ūüôā


31 Weeks

Wow! 31 weeks! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. I have felt more tired this pregnancy and as time goes by faster and faster, I panic thinking of all the things I need to get done before baby gets here. Nesting??¬†We have worked super hard this weekend getting baby’s room and furniture going. We painted the room, sanded the changing table, and started painting it and Alayna’s crib. I am so happy with how everything is turning out! Thank God for Geoff working his butt off.. I feel a little more accomplished than I did a week ago.

In other news, I passed my 3 hour test!! THANK GOD, since I crave nothing but sugar and carbs!


How far along? 31 weeks

Weight gain? 13 lbs

Belly button in or out?¬†Pretty flat! Alayna seems to think it’s funny lol

Maternity clothes? Maternity shirts yes. Still squeezing into my reg jeans with the hair tie trick.

Movement? More like big jolts

Gender? BOY!

Sleep? Getting less sleep as I seem to have to pee every hour.

Best moment this week?¬†Starting on the baby’s room.

Things I miss? Being able to pick something up off the floor without it being a huge hassle

Looking forward to? My baby shower!

The¬†baby shower is on Sunday! I can’t wait. We decided to do it earlier so that we have some time to get organized and get anything else we need/want before baby comes. Alayna’s was only a couple of weeks before I¬†delivered her, so we felt like we just didn’t have enough time to finish things up. I will definitely post pics!

Glucose test!

I am sitting here doing my 3 hour glucose test because I failed my first one. Blah!! Waiting for my second blood draw so I figured I would update everyone. I’m hoping for good news and to be able to carry on with my sugar and carb eating since that’s all I seem to want. I can understand why so many women hate doing this test though… it is so boring and that stuff really makes you sick on an empty stomach! I’ll be sure to update with my results.

In other news, Alayna has been sick this last week. Poor baby has a sinus infection and is miserable especially at night. Im thinking the benedryl is doing the opposite and keeping her up. She is exhausted but won’t sleep. We have had several bad nights. This is the sickest she’s been and it’s so hard not being able to fix it. We are hoping she gets better through the weekend and that her fevers go away.

I’ll be back with my 30 week update and hopefully an ultrasound with baby’s weight ūüôā happy Friday everyone!