13 Month Favorites!

13 months


With it  being summer, alot of my favorites have to do with being outside and water. I am loving having the summer off with my baby girl!

1. Swimming pool –  Alayna has always been a water baby. I started her in the pool pretty early and plan to keep her comfortable around the water. These pools allow her to splash around when we are hanging out at home and needing to cool off. You can pretty much find these anywhere  (walmart, Kmart, Target…etc).

2. Floaty – When Alayna swims with us and I dont want to hold her the whole time, I usually put her in this. I can trust that she’s safe and she seems to enjoy just floating around and playing with everyone.

3. Sun Protection Hat – These are amazing for when we are outdoors. I hate putting sunscreen in Alayna’s hair because it is such a mess. So I always have this hat on her and she keeps it on for the most part.

4. Stacking cups – These are Alayna’s favorite! She runs around the house carrying them, throwing them, or pushing them out of the doggie door.

5. Sandbox – Alayna is such an outdoors baby. Anything we can do outside makes her happy so I love having this to play in.

6. Playgarden – I keep this inside for her to play in so she’s always in this. Its a fun change from just the regular toys she has and folds into a closed square.


4th of July

We had such a nice relaxing Fourth of July! I always love this holiday because it always includes a BBQ and some sort of swimming. We had family over for dinner, let her and her cousin swim, and then braved our way to the fairgrounds for fireworks. Surprisingly, Alayna did awesome. She wasnt afraid and even seemed to be bored with them because she wanted to be passed from mommy to daddy to grandma to auntie to mommy …. what a busy body. Afterwards we hung out in the parking lot and played with sparklers. She liked them until daddy had her hold one and she quickly realized that the flame was getting closer to her hand.

Needless to say, she was one tired baby when we got home. I hope everyone had a fun fourth!