Poor Boy Racing Needs Your Votes!

Hi everyone! My husband and his friends decided to build a Jeep Cherokee to race in the Everyman Challenge of the King of the Hammers. This race is a combination of high speed desert racing mixed with some of the hardest rock crawling found in the United States. They managed to complete the race under their own power their first time racing which is a lot more than many other teams can say, however it was 2 hours outside the allotted time. They would like to continue racing the Ultra4 Series that the Everyman Challenge is part of. That being said, the car is continuously in need of maintenance and work. They have entered a contest with their local NAPA Store that will earn them a $500 gift card if they win that will help overcome some of these costs of racing. All you need to do is go to the website, and vote for their race car. They are currently in second place but trailing quite a bit behind first place. Every vote counts and you can vote once a day.
Please go here to vote for the jeep shown below!
To learn more about them and follow their journey, like their Facebook page here. Here is a clip of them in the Everyman Challenge. ENJOY!

Alayna’s birthday!

Well we had Alayna’s first birthday! I waited until we got back from the ZOO to write this post. That was her birthday present from us and it was such a blast! Her party was so fun to plan and I love how everything turned out! Thanks to my mom who helped me with the cupcakes! I will never pay for someone to make us cupcakes again… these were so easy and fresh!

We are so blessed to have so many people who love her and came to celebrate with her! She absolutely LOVED the cake.. Although nobody warned us that she wouldn’t sleep until ELEVEN o’clock!!
















She absolutely LOVED the zoo. She pointed and yelled at some of the animals and made sure everyone around her was looking too! The next day, we decided to stop at the beach before heading home. I wasn’t sure how she would like it since it was a little cool. Turns out that didn’t matter to her. She would TAKE OFF towards the ocean. Seriously, we were chasing her! Then she cried every time we took her back to the blanket. She is such a water baby. Of course, Daddy had to bury her in the sand which was lovely to clean up! I forgot what a mess the beach can be but will definitely be going back this summer!








I am feeling so blessed to have this little girl in our lives. I cant even remember what life was like before she was born.