Alayna’s First Jeep Trip!

We finally decided that Alayna was ready for her first Jeep trip! We go on several different trips a year and this one was to Calico! We bought her a new car seat so that we could turn her forward facing for the trail and Geoff had the top off. She really enjoyed being able to see EVERYTHING! She squealed and kicked her feet one minute, then passed out the next. Seriously, I dont know how she slept through some of the things we went through, but it worked for me! I brought her Pack n Play which BARELY fit in the camper for naps, and then she slept with me at night… Thanks to that, she was spoiled and DID NOT like being put in her crib when we got home.  This baby loves being outside, so I knew she would love camping. The weather was perfect and we seriously had a blast hanging out with good friends!

Since mommy forgot her hat in the camper (FAIL), I had to make sure her little head wouldn’t get burnt. So I loaded her with sunscreen. Poor hair… good thing I had a brush, except it looked like she was sweating when I brushed it down.










6 thoughts on “Alayna’s First Jeep Trip!

  1. How old was she when you introduced her to her first jeeping trip? We go to an annual “Topless for Tata’s” event in PA and I was thinking about bringing her along, she will be 11 months. Any advice, suggestions, ideas to make life easier if we do decide to take her?

    • Hi Tamara! We actually took her when she was 11 months old. I would suggest sunscreen, a hat, some toys, and lots of snacks!!! I also had a neck pillow for when she fell asleep bc I didn’t want her little head bouncing around all over the place! Good luck!!! It’s so much fun getting the little ones out in the Jeep!

      • Oh my goodness, so sorry I never replied! We didn’t end up taking our daughter (our ped recommended we wait until she turns 2). However we have decided to take her this weekend to PA and she is almost 21 months. 🙂 So excited, she loves being outdoors so I think she will enjoy at least being outside the entire day. I will have to remember to get her a sun hat! Great idea! And probably a neck pillow as well!

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