7 & 8 Months!

7 and 8 favorites1. Puffs/cheeto chips -I love these things! They are great to take with you when you’re out and about or going out to eat. Makes life a little easier having something for her to snack on without making a huge mess.

2. Teething Tablets – these were recommended to me by a friend. I love them so much! I keep them in my diaper bag and just pop 3 in her mouth when she seems to be hurting.

3. Munchkins Sippy cups – I like these because Alayna was able to use them before she could use other sippy cups. She doesnt have to hold it up and learned to drink from a straw early on. PLUS, it has a weight at the bottom of the straw that moves the straw when she tilts the cup. Its awesome! She literally can sip up everything in the cup.

4. Activity table – This is so fun for her! She loves everything about it and will just dance away with the music that it plays. The legs come off so it can be used on the floor too which is great for little ones who are not pulling themselves up yet.

5. Little Tikes Swing – This was a Christmas gift from Alayna’s Grandma. We hung it in our backyard and she seriously LOVES it. Anytime we go out back for something, she sees it and HAS to play in it for a bit.


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