King of the Hammers

Well it has definitely been a Monday for me. Especially after a fun couple of days of camping to watch my husband and his team race the Every Man Challenge in the King of the Hammers race on Thursday. The King of the Hammers is a huge off road race made up of half high speed desert racing and half difficult rock crawling. Seriously so fun! I had such an amazing time watching the pit crew do their thing! Our goal was to finish regardless of time and they did!! Apparently only a handful of people finish each year. I’m so proud of all the hard work they did and look forward to watching many more races!
Check out their page on Facebook where there’s a ton of pictures and a play by play of what happened Thursday!

Also, thanks to Sean Malone Photography for the awesome pics 🙂






We also celebrated my sisters 18th birthday! Time seriously flies by. I remember referring to her and two of my other younger siblings as “the little ones.” Now they have all grown up into the most fun and amazing people! I love that they are all a huge part of Alayna’s life.
Happy birthday Rana!



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