I haven’t had the chance to update lately! There is simply not enough time in the day to get all the things done that are on my million lists that I seem to create in my mind every hour. Alayna hasn’t been sleeping well lately which obviously leads to me not sleeping either. I feel exhausted and overwhelmed at times, especially since school is starting again. Our pediatrician recommended a book for us to read that I just started. I’m excited and nervous to implement some of the things I’m learning from it. It’s called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby and you can find it here. Hopefully, we can get her on a better sleep schedule which will lead to me being able to get those lists done!  Any advice?
How cute is she though?! Just melts my heart!!!



In the mean time… I’m working on my 7&8 month favorites. So stay tuned 🙂


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