Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well things are finally going up and looking like Christmas time in our home. It’s been a busy month. I love decorating but hadn’t had the time with school finishing up and everything that went along with that. I was so excited to get a huge tree this year since we have the room for it in our new house. I guess I didn’t realize how much more work it would be to put lights on it!! Still worth it though 🙂  One of my other favorite things about Christmas time is opening up all of my ornaments that I get us each year. This year I loved looking at the family of 3 ornaments and picking out a girlie one for Alayna.

I almost have my Christmas shopping done but haven’t wrapped a single thing! I guess we all know what Ill be doing this weekend. I cant wait to watch Alayna rip everything open. I could wrap empty boxes and she’d be happy. We took her to see Santa last week and after standing in line for a million an hour and half, she did awesome! She wasnt afraid at all… just very curious. At one point, she wrapped her arm over his belly and looked up at him, almost like she was hugging him! We joke that she was too delusional to be scared, since she was over tired and had a long day.

Such a fun time of year with a little one around, cant wait for many more! Please excuse my pictures. Most of them had pretty bad lighting when I took them.











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