5 & 6 Month Favorites

5 & 6 month

1. BOB Revolution Stroller – We absolutely LOVE this stroller. It is so easy to fold, unfold, push…etc. Such a good quality stroller. I love that it’s black so it’s gender neutral. I would definitely recommend it.

2. Baby Einstein Jumper – We actually bought this used for $20 (Thank God)!! Alayna seriously LOVES this thing. I love that its super colorful and the height adjusts so as she gets taller, she can still use this. There are several places that you can add toys too.

3. Vicks Starry Night Humidifier – We were told that a cold humidifier would help when Alayna was sick. I found this one at Walmart (after returning a different one for being damaged). I love the light that it comes with. I usually leave it on for her and go back in to turn it off. We don’t use the Vicks though. The pharmacist recommended not using Vicks until she is 2 years old.

4.Safety 1st High Chair – After searching and obsessing for a high chair, I finally told my husband to just pick one, email it to me, and I’d order it. I really wanted one of the Eddie Bauer wooden high chairs, but didn’t want to spend the money. Turns out, I actually like this one 🙂 Alayna fits in it pretty good and its very easy to use. The tray can be used with one hand, it folds up, and the wheels make it super easy to push around when you need to move it.

5. Books – A few of our favorites are “I love You Through and Through” “Goodnight I Love You” and “The Going to Bed Book.” We read these to Alayna before bed. It’s so fun now that she’s a little bit older and enjoys it 🙂


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