Time flies

Life seems to be flying by right before my eyes. I swear it feels like yesterday that we bought our house, had Alayna, and I started grad school. Some days I want to bottle my life up and make it stand still (except the school part). Alayna is growing so fast and is 6 months already! Can you believe it!!!

She is so much fun! Im sure I’ve said this a million times, but this is my favorite age so far. I love watching her personality unravel. The babbling is hilarious (or when she decides to squeal really loud for no reason) and  it melts my heart when she gets excited to see me (and daddy) after work. I have to be honest tho, although she is perfect… For some reason this baby does not like to sleep!!! I guess she’s afraid she’ll miss out on somethin.  She must know she’s so popular around here 😉






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