Traveling favorites


1. SkipHop’s Studio Diaper bag– This is seriously such a great bag! It’s stylish and very roomy. I felt that it was also perfect for traveling, because I was able to stuff all of Alayna’s necessities in it as well as have room for my own stuff. There are so many pockets which is great for separating and organizing everything. I also love that its black because it hides alot 🙂

2. Pack and Play– Although we didnt have one to take with us, I highly recommend it! Even if its just a day trip these are perfect for naps! 

3. Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes- Such a great product! There were so many times that I needed to wipe Alayna’s face or neck from her spitting up everywhere. These smell good and seem to work pretty well. I’ve even used them on myself!

4. Pacifier Clip- I usually dont use these, but when your walking around a dirty airport, its a must! Definitely need this whenever you go somewhere so your not stuck tossing the pacifier every time it falls and there’s no way to clean it! 

5. Baby Carrier- I used the Jeep baby carrier and LOVED it. Alayna was comfortable and would sleep while we walked all over the airport (we may have gotten lost one or twice 🙂 ) It allowed me to have my hands free to help carry bags and stuff.

6. Neck Pillow – I’ve had this for a while and LOVE it… but this time we used it for Alayna. On the way there, we didnt have a pillow so I used this as a small boppy for her and it helped support my arm while holding her. 

Even though Alayna did really well, Id say that traveling with a baby can be so hard. Im so thankful Geoff went and was able to help. Hope this gives some of you some helpful ideas when you are traveling with your little ones! 

Happy Hump Day!!


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