Life Lately

Life has been pretty crazy lately. As if having a baby isn’t stressful (and AMAZING) enough, I started Grad school two weeks after she was born. Who does that?! I have to sneek in homework while she’s asleep and hope to be able to get everything done before she wakes up to eat. But, things have been great and I feel so blessed to be able to have the whole summer off to adjust and soak it all in. I absolutely LOVE this new journey in our lives and seriously wake up every morning so happy and excited to see Alayna’s little face. She just melts my heart!

photo (19)

I LOVE that she’s smiling now… It’s one of the most amazing things ever! Of course, we all had to act like complete goofballs to get her to smile at first, but now she smiles all the time. Look at those cheeks!!

photo (15)  photo (26)  photo (25)

My brother came to visit and was finally able to meet her! We had a great time and I’m so glad he was able to see her while she was still  little. He said he’s noticed her change so much just in the ten days he was here. He swears he saw her first smile… Not sure about that but I’ll let him believe it 😉

photo (18)

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them. No one told me you become a camera freak when you have kids. Thank God for cell phones with cameras!!!


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