Alayna’s Birth Story

I was due May 3rd, 2013. So in mid April, Geoff decided to tear apart our fire place and remodel it. We had planned for this but I didn’t realize what a mess it would be!! It seriously put me into panic mode. I still had to finish the nursery and needed Goeff’s help with spray painting things. But the house was torn apart and there was dust EVERYWHERE!

Fire place before   photo (13)   photo (14)       Fire place after

As you can see… this was a HUGE mess and very stressful. However, I love the outcome (although it’s not quite done yet).

On April 22nd around 2 AM, I started having contractions. I noticed that they were pretty regular and woke Geoff up to start timing them….they were about 5 minutes apart. Since I had no idea whether this was the real deal or not, I decided to go downstairs and clean to distract myself, while Geoff laid on the couch thinking t I was a crazy person. At about 5:30 I finally headed back upstairs to get some sleep. The contractions had seemed to fade away and Geoff had already gone back to bed at about 4:30 thinking he may still have to go to work in the morning. I woke up to say goodbye to him at 7, and when I turned over, my water broke.

We headed into the hospital at about 8 where we met up with my mom and mother in law….by then I was noticeably having contractions and was already dilated to 6cm. I honestly wasn’t in much pain yet but I knew that I would want the epidural, so I asked that they get that started (I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it, since I was laboring pretty fast). Needless to say, I got it and was already 8-9 cm. Things just seemed to fly by. Poor Geoff was starving and was too afraid to leave to get food because everything was moving pretty quickly.

photo (1)

At about 1PM, the Dr. came in and said that baby’s heart rate wasn’t where she’d like it and that we would wait a few minutes before trying to get her out. She checked me and was surprised to see that I was ready to start pushing. I pushed for about 20 minutes and at 1:31 PM out came this beautiful, itty bitty, perfect baby girl weighing 5 lbs 6 oz. Alayna Grace Constable was finally here!!

photo (2)   20130422_144441

photo (4)  photo (6) photo (12)

She’s just so perfect! I cant believe how much love you can have for someone you’ve never met before!!

photo (11)

Things flew by and we were home by the next evening.

photo (8)        photo (10)

I love that I’ve been able to blog about this journey. Hopefully it’ll still be around for her to see one day.


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