Baby Shower

My baby shower was such an amazing experience. My friends and family made it so much more than I have ever imagined it to be. It made me realize how blessed we truly are and soak in that we really are going to become parents very soon. This has been an experience of a lifetime and I thank God everyday for all of these special moments in our lives. I will also share with everyone that we decided to name our little bean ALAYNA GRACE!

The theme was CUTE AS A BUTTON

photo (42)

Entry way… Seriously had the CUTEST party favors (Thanks April) and clothes pins for the ‘”you can’t say cute” game that Lilli (my god-daughter) did an AMAZING job at explaining to guests.

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The cake and cupcakes were adorable (Thanks Laura) and I love how she was able to keep it a surprise!

IMG_3588      DSCN1088      DSCN1087

The decor was perfect thanks to Tracy and Heather. As well as the quiche which totally hit the spot!! (Thanks Mom)

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Instead of the traditional baby shower games (besides the diaper raffle and the clothes pin game), we set up stations so people can wonder around and do whatever ones they choose. Overall it was such a success!

We had a “wishes for baby” station – where you fill out this card and hang it behind the cake.

photo    photo (14)   IMG_3589

We had a headband station – where guests made headbands for baby girl. So much fun to go through afterwards.

photo (33)

And then we had a “who’s your daddy?” station – Where you have to guess who the dad is of certain celebrity babies that we hung up.

photo (34)

There was only one man who stuck around for the whole shower. He made it pretty hard for people to refrain from saying CUTE.


I had such an amazing time and LOVED everything about it. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special day.


36 Weeks

Im seriously so anxious to meet our baby girl!! She will be here before we know it and I am busy trying to get things in order for her. Its hard to get much done when you run out of energy pretty quickly. Otherwise I feel great. She’s dropped a bit which makes it easier to breath thank God. We had our baby shower last weekend and it was such a blast. I am working on that post right now too. I have several pics Ill add to it and then hopefully be able to post more of the nursery when we get the final touches done. So far, Im pretty happy with it.


Gender? Girlie. We got to see that for sure again!!!

Sleep? What’s sleep??

Total weight gain? 17 lbs

How Far Along? 36 weeks!!!!

Stretch marks? Two small ones on the side and a itty bitty that just showed up. I freaked out lol.

Symptoms? Heartburn, back aches, swollen ankles/feet at the end of the day, no energy, and leg cramps at night… so weird. Cramping which could  be Braxtin Hicks.

Food cravings? Choc shakes 🙂 YUM

Movement? Yes.. she likes to bunch her butt right up to my ribs.

Best moment this week? Having my baby shower 🙂

Belly Button in or out? PANCAKE!

Looking forward to? Meeting our baby girl.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Even grandma’s ring can get a little tight at times.

Miss Anything? Just being able to do things without getting tired.