27 Weeks

Took my Gestational diabetes test yesterday!! It wasn’t horrible. I think the worst part is that you have to drink 10 oz. lol. I gulped it down though and tried holding my breath so I couldn’t taste it. I hope to get the results today. Everything else seems to be going smoothly. I am counting down the weeks till baby girl joins our family. Feeling so blessed through this whole experience 🙂

How Far Along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain? 10 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes

Stretch marks? A couple;  not too bad though.

Sleep? Not really 😦

Best moment this week? Relaxing at home since I haven’t been feeling good lately.

Miss Anything? Being able to go go go.

Movement? LOVING the movements, but a little bummed I have an anterior placenta which has prevented anyone else feeling the baby 😦 Hopefully soon!

Food cravings? MILK

Anything making you queasy or sick? Steak

Symptoms? Heartburn and lower back ache.

Gender? Girl

Belly Button in or out? In, but looking pretty flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy

Looking forward to? Feeling better. Dumb flu!


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