Chalkboard tutorial

A lot of people have told me that they love the chalkboard idea. I saw it on Pinterest a while back and found a tutorial for it. I absolutely love my chalkboard and will eventually hang it in the nursery. I haven’t started putting the nursery together and cant wait will have to wait until we get an offer on our house. Otherwise I will wait until Jan/Feb when I decide that I can’t wait any longer.

Here is how I made my chalkboard.

I found this mirror for $10 at Goodwill. You can use pretty much use any frame with a wooden or mirror back.
I bought Primer, white paint, and chalkboard paint (I used the spray paint at first but wasn’t happy with the results so I went back and bought the can of paint to roll on). I primed both the frame and mirror and then painted them white.


Then I painted the mirror with the chalkboard paint (from a can). After it dried, I added another layer of paint.
I put the mirror back on the frame and voilà!



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