14 Weeks

So, I’ve been doing good with posting every week. Lets see if I can get the board together every week too. I am so happy to be in my second trimester!! I feel pretty good, except feeling so sleepy all the time. I am obsessed with Vanilla Yogurt (as well as fruit)… Like I can seriously eat a whole BIG container of yogurt in one sitting and pretty much lick the bowl clean. And when I run out, I panic and rush to the store for more… at least it’s somewhat healthy right? Lol.

How far along? 14 weeks! Yahoo!

Maternity clothes? Not really. Im wearing mostly bigger clothes.

Stretch marks? None

Sleep? Sleeping pretty good. I feel like I could sleep for days though.

Best moment this week?  Halloween!

Miss Anything? Having a glass of wine on Halloween night (something I always did while watching a movie).

Movement? None yet but excited to feel baby soon.

Food cravings? VANILLA YOGURT and fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick? Hamburgers, steak, and baked potatoes.

Gender prediction? A little girly

Symptoms? Headaches

Have you started to show yet? Yes. In that awkward stage where people are afraid to ask if Im pregnant or not.

Wedding rings on or off? On šŸ™‚

Happy or Moody most of the time? Both. Happy to be pregnant, moody when Im tired.

Looking forward to? Our next appt on the 5th!

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